Predictive Scheduling for the Energy Transition

Software solutions for the utilization and storage of curtailed electricity.

We offer energy producers and service providers in the energy sector new opportunities to foster innovation and reduce external dependencies in their business models.

Fighting for YOU and against CLIMATE CHANGE

Our goal is to create future-proof revenue streams for energy producers.

Our VISION: The entire production capacity of renewable energies is utilized, and green energy, which we urgently need, is no longer wasted.

Our MISSION: Assist operators of wind and solar parks in making their revenue streams future-proof and reducing their dependency on compensation payments.

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Save green electricity – Ensure profitability.

Green generation capacity that is curtailed during grid bottlenecks can be economically stored and monetized with new business models — thanks to predictive scheduling.

This way, energy producers can protect themselves against rising curtailment rates, ensuring future security.

Hydrogen, Power-to-Heat, Electric Vehicle Charging…

There are plenty of use cases where you can sensibly utilize or make your curtailed electricity usable. However, operating them economically requires assistance:

Our Curtailment Dashboard accurately predicts upcoming curtailments down to the minute and supports you with optimization algorithms for your specific use case.

Curious about how we can help you maximize the benefits of your curtailments? Get in touch with us!

Collaboration on Equal Footing

We operate with direct and open collaboration with IPPs, grid operators, and OEMs. This way, we help you innovate on equal terms.

Artificial Intelligence

With our Predhyct AI, we support making more economical decisions.

Customizable to your requirements

As an agile software company, we support you in implementing your unique requirements with our AI.


Our solution is also worthwhile for small amounts of energy.

Whether you operate 1 or 1000 wind turbines: Utilizing energy instead of curtailment is possible in any case!


Foundation for countless Innovation opportunities

Knowing the timing and amount of curtailments of your assets early on is the first step to enabling numerous usage scenarios, both independently and in collaboration with third-party companies.

This is how we help you get more energy out of your assets.

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is a BMWK-funded startup from the federal capital that develops sustainable software solutions for the utilization and storage of curtailed energy.

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